Paul Sings


Paul McDermott; well-known as the host of Good News Week, Strictly Dancing, The Sideshow, Melbourne International Comedy Festival TV Comedy Debates and Galas – and for touring with The Doug Anthony Allstars and GUD.

Paul is taking time off from joking with audiences and teasing guests on TV,  to write and to sing.

Pauls great love has always been performing live and now he takes to the stage with accompanist Stu Hunter and an “all star” band to sing songs and tell seriously funny stories about what art and life have wrought through the perspective of songs that go back to the DAAS and up to today.

All through the years of Good News Week and Good News Weekend, GNW Night Lite and The Sideshow, (and MICF Galas and Debates), Paul was commissioned to write songs, week in and week out. Many of these songs were created to address a specific topic or need. They were written, rehearsed, performed and forgotten by Paul in a matter of days.

For “PAUL SINGS” Ted Robinson curated this body of work (looked at some old tapes).  A short list of 40 songs was compiled, of which 20 or so may appear in the current show.

“ Wickedly evil but the voice of an angel. A very funny angel!”

Many songs are naughty, many are satirical comments on the dark nihilistic world – but there are many love songs and more than a little sunshine too.

The serious side of Paul McDermott?  Well almost!