Montreal Just For Laughs

“Just For Laughs”: The Montreal International Comedy Festival

For more than a decade, GNWTV has been travelling to Just For Laughs in Montreal to make a yearly special for Network Ten.  We’ve produced shows hosted by Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant, Paul McDermott & Adam Hills, & interviewed hundreds of stars of world comedy, including John Cleese, Dame Edna, Wayne Brady, Caroline Rhea, Dylan Moran, Nina Conti, Craig Ferguson, DeAnne Smith, Joel McHale, The Muppets, Lewis Black & many, many more.

We’ve also harassed unsuspecting citizens in the street, drunk too much & then eaten hot chips covered in cheese & gravy.  And we’ve had our bags lost, missed planes & been subject to intense & personal questioning from airport security, but then, working in television is glamorous like that.

Just For Laughs is one of the great comedy festivals, a time when two million people descend on Montreal to see the world’s funniest people, drink too much & eat hot chips covered in cheese & gravy.  Five stars.