Melbourne International Comedy Festival

GNWTV has a long association with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival & its director, Susan Provan.  Every year, we co-produce the charity TV Gala, where dozen of the stars of the Festival donate their time for Oxfam.

The Gala has been hosted by some of the biggest names in Australian comedy: Paul McDermott, Wil Anderson, Adam Hills, Jimeoin, Magda Szubanski, Dave Hughes, Josh Thomas, Kitty Flanagan & Sammy J & Randy, just to name a few.

And, in the last few years, we’ve produced a new extravaganza for the MICF, the Opening Night Comedy All-Stars Super Show, which has been hosted by Paul McDermott, Tim Minchin & Julia Morris.  The Opening Night is kind of like the Gala you go to when you can’t get tickets to go to the Gala.

We also produce the Great Debate, where two teams of local & international stars argue, yell, sing, abuse & shamelessly attempt to upstage each other in the name of cogent, pertinent discourse.  The time American comedian Rich Hall rode into the Melbourne Town Hall on a camel will always hold a special place in debating history.  The longstanding moderator of the Great Debate is our old friend from The Glass House, Corinne Grant.

For many years, our broadcasting partner for all these shows has been Network Ten.

As well as the Festival’s own shows, we’ve recorded special episodes of Good News Week & The Glass House in front of sell-out crowds in the Town Hall.  These have always been highlights of our year, & we’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the comedians & audiences who had to wait around while we attempted to finish.  Sorry.  And it’ll probably happen again.