About Us

GNWTV was created towards the end of 1995, when the ABC commissioned a pilot for a satirical current affairs show called Good News Week.  That show went into production in early ’96 & ran for over 100 episodes, until the end of ’98.

Network Ten then became our home, where we made Good News Week for two more years, as well as a mutant variety show called GNW Night Lite in ’99.  In the first half of 2001 we produced a series of comedy debates, & specials with Mikey Robins, Kate Fischer, Flacco & The Sandman & Amanda Keller.

Later that year, we were commissioned by the ABC to make a pilot for a new show.  After recruiting Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant & Dave Hughes, this became The Glass House, which ran until the end of 2006.

In those eleven years, GNWTV also made The Way We Were with Mark Trevorrow for the ABC.  For SBS, Under The Grandstand, In Siberia Tonight  & the documentary The Sandman in Siberia with Steve “The Sandman” Abbott, plus Salam Café with Ahmed Imam, Waleed Ali, Susan Carland, Nazeem Hussain, Aamer Rahman,  Ahmed Hassan, Jehad Dabab et al.

In 2007, we renewed our association with Paul McDermott for The Sideshow on ABCTV, which continued with Mikey Robins & Claire Hooper when Good News Week returned to Ten in 2008.

We also have a long association with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, producing the Gala, Great Debate & Opening Night All-Star Show every year, as well as selling out the Town Hall with special episodes of Good News Week & The Glass House. 

And, for the last ten years, GNWTV has been a regular visitor to the Montreal Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs, making specials hosted by Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant, Adam Hills & Paul McDermott.

We’ve produced books, CDs & DVDs for our own shows, as well as some of the world’s best comedians, & have received AFI, ARIA & Writers’ Guild awards.

Since its inception, GNWTV has been committed to producing great comedy & discovering new talent, a commitment that continues as we work on the ideas that surprisingly will take us into our third decade on Australian television.